Defibrillators come to Kempshott


Last year KDRA was approached by Alan Trott, the Co-ordinator for the West Basingstoke Community First Responders volunteer group, to enquire if we could assist with funding and locating a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) in the Kempshott area. These units provide support to the critical emergency services and although a number exist in the area, they are not readily accessible to the public after hours.

The Association agreed to provide funding for one of the units and our local County Councillor Rita Burgess has provided funding for an additional unit.

These units have now been installed at Old Down Hall and the Kempshott Post Office and Stores, with the kind permission of the owners. The units were installed as a community project by Croombs Electrical of Bessemer Road, Basingstoke.

You need a mobile phone to get the access code to open the unit. Full instructions on use are given.

People in the photo from left to right:- Anne Court (Secretary of KDRA), David and Richard Croombs (Croombs Electrical Services Ltd), Melvyn Higgins (Old Down Hall), Country Councillor Rita Burgess, Alan Trott (Basingstoke 1st Community Responder), Darren McGregor (Pack Lane Post Office and Stores).