1. What facilities are there?

The main hall is approximately 31 feet long by 19 feet wide (9.3 metres by 5.7 metres)

This can be split in two roughly equal sections around 15.5 feet by 19 feet (4.65 metres by 5.7 metres)

The small hall/meeting room is approximately 9 feet by 6 feet (2.7 metres by 1.8 metres)

Seating capacity in the full main hall is a maximum of 40

Seating capacity in the meeting room is 6

2. What furniture and equipment is available?

The main hall usually has the following equipment which can be supplied with the hire:

12 tables (mainly large but some small ones as well), 30 chairs.

The kitchen also usually has available:

29 cups, 28 saucers, 27 small plates. No drinking glasses. 2 water jugs & a small amount of cutlery.

2 kettles, 1 teapot . Disposable tea towels (please ask on the day) & washing up liquid.

Fridge, microwave & mini-cooker.

Other facilities:

Ladies, gents & disabled toilets

3. What facilities are there for the disabled?

There is a disabled toilet, wheelchair friendly access and an "Audio loop" for the hearing impaired.

4. How many parking spaces are there?

There are 6 parking spaces (one for disabled drivers) directly outside the hall with additional dropping off space nearby. We should point out that sometimes, parking spaces may be in use by visitors to the adjoining park. If you require exclusive use of the car park, them this must be mentioned at the time of hiring, and whilst we will do our best to reserve spaces for you, that cannot be guaranteed on the day. There may be an additional charge if parking notices are required.

5. What is not allowed?

The following list is not exhaustive, but includes the most common issues and activities which are not permitted at Old Down Hall. See also our terms and conditions and if in any doubt, please ask at the time of hiring the hall.

1. No ball games or similar, likely to damage the structure or any of its fittings.

2. No Smoking in or anywhere near to the outside of the hall, especially the entrance. This is a prohibited by UK law.

3. No naked flames of any kind, including candles.

4. No alcohol (especially the sale thereof) unless properly licensed by the customer.

5. No ‘smoke machines' or similar as part of any disco or stand-alone unit.

6. No banners or decorations that are fixed by pins or sticky tape. ‘Blu-tak' may be used by agreement at the time of hire, providing all traces are removed at the end of the hire.

7. No bouncy castles inside or outside the hall (both for space and health & safety reasons inside and local authority reasons outside)

8. No chewing gum or bubble gum anywhere in or around the hall.

9. No roller skates, wheeled or heely boots or footwear that may damage the floor surfaces. We respectfully ask that ladies stiletto heel shoes are not worn where possible so as not to further damage the hall floor.